Moving out of the city

So, after much deliberation, and many years of false starts, pipe dreams, and wishful thinking my wife and I have decided to finally do it. We’re leaving the city!

And for some reason that has made me quite thoughtful. And in turn I feel like I need to write those things down. I’ll go back, give some history, and hopefully put into words the feelings and thoughts that lead to a decision like this.

It may not be for everyone. Come to think of it, it might not even be for us yet. But too late for that! To the country!!

Let’s start with the facts:

I’m Derek, and my wife Kelsey and I have 2 beautiful daughters together and 1 equally beautiful little lady from a previous relationship.

We are currently living in Calgary, AB but those days are numbered.

I work in IT for a large company, and Kelsey stays home to raise the kids. She works weekends, mostly to keep her sanity.

Here’s a rather nice shot of downtown Calgary. My wife has lived here her entire life, and I’ve called it home for 8 years. The city has been good to us for the most part. Look at that spectacular view! Calgary has over 1.1 million people and the same size footprint as New York City proper (~780 sq km). The community I live in, Tuscany, has 18,000 people alone. Now let’s look at where we’re going.


Crossfield, Alberta. Population ~2,800 people. Size 12 sq km.


It’s cute though. LOOK AT THAT CUTE BANK!!!


It’s a big change, no doubt. But somehow I’m not scared. Maybe it’s because we’re not THAT far from Calgary. And I’m keeping the same job. But for as much change as there will be, I’m oddly at peace with it all. Kelsey on the other hand…

I’m out of time today. Have to get home and continue to pack. Which is a whole other post to come. I have some work to do on this site, but I’m glad to have started it. See you, which is currently only me, later.


6 thoughts on “Moving out of the city

  1. linda says:

    derrick you make me cry I love this so much and you and your family so deserve this I cant wait to read more love you guys xxxxxooooo

  2. Jeff Obrecht says:

    Okay… I am listening… have fun with your blog… much congratulations on your decision! All the best and we hope to hear more about the new chapter/ adventure very soon!
    Love you guys!

  3. Tuscany! Who’s selling your house? Kelly McKelvie by any chance? haha. I’m sure you’ll be fine out there in Crossfield. Wont be that much different that being out in Tuscany anyhow really. Other than that longer driving time.

    • Not Kelly McKelvie, we had our own realtor in the family.
      And if we stay close to home, as we intend to, it’ll be MUCH different. Time will tell I suppose.

      • Well much different in a good way I hope! ;). I should have been more clear in what I meant. I just meant it wouldn’t’ be like your living in the north pole or anything, just another small community.

      • Ah, ok. Yeah, that is one of the bonuses, in that we can head to the “big city” if we need to.
        We can plan the day and pack the kids up for a day trip lol

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