(Drill)Bits and Pieces

“I love moving!!!” Said no one ever
I think I’ll be happier when the box fort that has taken over our living room is gone.

At least we’ve started with some of the fun stuff, like picking colors for the counter top and flooring. Well , I saw “we” in very general sense. Kelsey and her mom have started telling me which colors we’re having 🙂 I think they’ll do fine, lets just hope it doesn’t end up looking like:


Kelsey got a reminder yesterday of WHY we’re leaving the city.
At coffee with a friend of hers, she enjoyed a grand tale of the 100 different things her kids were registered in for the summer. Camps and classes. Then some classes and camps.

No thanks

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
But, I’ll take some running around the back yard and finding all the walking trails in our area any day.



Packing fiesta

Today is a day full of taking apart furniture and packing up boxes.

We have a week left before we put this house up on the market, and we have too much stuff. Partially packing up is harder than packing up fully I think. Rather than throw EVERYTHING into boxes, we have to think about if we’ll use something within the next 3 months. Once we get that done, then we have to stage the house and live in it while making it look like no one is living in it. Hopefully we sell quick so we can go back to normal, aka messy.

I’m going to try to continue the history of how we got here tonight. I want to have lots of time to write, because I could talk about Hawaii and how it affected my life for hours.