Progress pics

So, they didn’t have too much done, but at least we get a better idea of how everything is coming together.

Front View


Build in for TV above fireplace, will be stained to match kitchen


Some pictures of the kitchen


You can see the park from this window, it’s right over the fence.


I think I’m most excited about the kitchen! We spend so much time in it already, and we love cooking together so this will give us that much room to do that.

It’s also mind boggling that this house costs about the same as the one in Tuscany. Such a premium to live in the city!

We got to design the basement development, so I get an actual real office with a door and everything 🙂 Currently my desk is in the same area as the kids play room, so quiet working from home isn’t really an option.

The kids got to run around the house for a bit, and seem pretty excited to move. The builders are going to be a bit surprised I think when they get back today and find the scrap wood Stonehenge the kids left in the basement.

The extra bedrooms in the basement are hopefully well loved. My mom is moving into one of them for the week off she gets every month or so, and hopefully Jenna (my 8 year old in Newfoundland) fills the other one more often.

Overall, it was a happy weekend, with Saturday filled with a hard days work packing and dismantling furniture, and Sunday visiting the build and dinner at Kelsey’s moms house.

Keep Calm and Build On!